Shiver Entertainment Announces Beasts vs Bots for Mobile

The base-building RTS will feature real-time multiplayer battles, with players choosing a side in the war between robots and beasts.

Shiver Entertainment and Nexon M have announced Beasts vs Bots, an upcoming base-building combat game for mobile devices. The game is being built for fans of real-time strategy (RTS) games, and will feature synchronous player-vs-player battles as gamers choose a faction to support and begin destroying cities for supplies.

Beasts vs Bots is set in the very near future, and sees Earth being invaded by insect-like robots from another world. Upon their arrival, the robots wake an army of ancient beasts who have laid dormant beneath Earth’s surface. The beasts wish to defend their home, while the robots simply wish to pillage the Earth’s resources.

In Beasts vs Bots, players will choose a side in the war and will build a base for their army using major resources, like steel. The base can be outfitted with offensive and defensive structures, and players will be able to jump straight into battle to earn the resources necessary to recruit more troops for their army.

During these real-time battles, players will command their troops around the battlefield, with RTS-inspired controls allowing players to select and command individual troops, all troops, or troops of specific types. As players gather resources during battle, they’ll be able to create more troops and further destroy the opponent’s base.

In a statement, John Schappert, CEO and co-founder of Shiver Entertainment, commented on the game:

Beasts vs Bots brings real-time strategy gaming to mobile. It features all of the mechanics you love from full-featured core PC RTS games: base building, strategic combat, individual troop control, and real-time PvP with back-to-back battles. Gamers have been yearning for real-time battles on mobile and Beasts vs Bots delivers—from innovative touch controls to five-minute battles to an expansive and rewarding base-building experience with your chosen faction.

Beasts vs Bots is expected to release on iOS and Android devices later this year.

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