Shoe Museum Manages to Save Imelda Marcos Collection from Floods

If you’d heard about the recent flooding in the Philippines, which took its toll in human lives and destroying whole towns, it’s likely that the last thing on your mind would be shoes. But for those of you who were thinking about footwear, you can rest easy in knowing that the majority of Imelda Marcos‘ shoes were saved from destruction thanks to some quick thinking by the staff at the Marikina Shoe Museum (“Home of the World’s Largest Shoe”), which was the recipient of “more than 800 pairs donated by the former first lady,” who were able to move the collection out of harms way. When the water started coming in, “the staff quickly moved the collection to the top shelves of display cabinets and only around 100 got wet.” So breathe easy, shoe fetishists (and the ghost of Imelda Marcos), the mother of all collections has been saved.

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