This Shopper Behavior Company Is Helping Emerging Brands Compete for Consumer Attention

Catalina assists companies with under $1 billion in revenue

Smaller brands have to be more prescriptive and target consumers more carefully. Getty Images
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Shopper behavior intelligence company Catalina, which is perhaps best known as the company behind the coupons that print out at the grocery store register, is building out its emerging brands business—targeting brands with $1 billion or less in annual revenue—with the launch of Catalina Catalyst to help smaller brands better compete for consumer attention.

Catalina Catalyst includes a suite of online, in-store and mobile marketing and promotion platforms, as well as access to an analytics portal Catalina calls the Hub, which includes two years of purchase data relating to 505 million U.S. shopper IDs and 2 billion scanned Universal Product Codes and helps identify purchase-based, behavioral insights.

Catalyst also includes access to a media network it says can influence shopper behavior with targeted messaging that delivers more than $6.7 billion in digital offers to shoppers annually.

Catalina has also been on something of a hiring spree for its emerging brands practice, growing from less than 10 employees in March 2017 to 68 a year later.

In an email, a rep said brands with less than $1 billion in sales is the fastest growing market segment for Catalina and the new offering will give these brands insights into shoppers and how to influence behavior in-store and online.

Emerging brands don’t have the household penetration of big-name brands and have smaller budgets, so they have to be more prescriptive and target consumers more carefully, said Gregory Mann, president of emerging brands at Catalina.

For her part, Marta Cyhan, head of marketing at Catalina, said the company provides visibility into what a shopper is doing and how brands can target the right shoppers with the right messages and then measure and optimize in real time.

Mann declined to name any clients, but a release said Catalina works with leading CPG retailers and brands.

@lisalacy Lisa Lacy is a senior writer at Adweek, where she focuses on retail and the growing reach of Amazon.