5 Facebook Updates That Affect Business Pages

Facebook is at it again: Have you heard about the updates that affect business pages? If you manage a business page, you'll want to know about them. Let's jump right in.

Facebook is at it again: Have you heard about the updates that affect business pages? If you manage a business page, you’ll want to know about them. Let’s jump right in.

Objective-Based Ad Creation

Facebook recently simplified its advertising options, announcing that the process of building ads has been rethought and re-created to focus on advertisers’ objectives.

According to sister blog Inside Facebook, the new ad flow will allow advertisers to create Facebook ads based on the following common objectives:

  • Clicks to website
  • Website conversions
  • Page post engagement
  • Page likes
  • App installs
  • App engagement
  • In-store offer claims
  • Event responses

Once businesses decide on objectives and build ads, Facebook will place the ads where they perform best. Advertisers will no longer have to choose between the right-hand-side bar or the News Feed: Facebook will decide. According to social media expert Jon Loomer, users can toggle back-and-forth between the new ad units and old ad units if they are looking for more control over ads. Facebook has also given an updated look to its Ads Manager to support this change.

Updates To Facebook Insights

Earlier this year, Facebook did a complete overhaul of its page insights, and it recently started rolling out some enhancements based on user feedback. Some of the updates include the people talking about this metric being split into page likes, People engaged (unique users who have clicked on, liked, commented on, or shared posts), page tags, and mentions, page check-ins, and other interactions with pages. Facebook also changed the name of the virality metric to “engagement rate” and added clicks to the measurement.

Edit Posts On Business Pages

Facebook users have been requesting the ability to edit their posts for quite some time. In the past, users could edit posts if they were images, but not plain-text status updates. If users had a spelling error they wanted to correct, for instance, they either had to delete the whole post, potentially losing likes and comments, or just live with the errors. Facebook is testing the capability for page administrators to edit posts on their pages, but as of now, only photo captions can be edited.

Facebook Alerts Users When Their Messages Are Bound For Recipients’ ‘Other’ Folders

A while back, Facebook made it so that when users send private messages to other users or brands that they are not connected with, those messages would go into an “other” folder, instead of those users’/brands’ inboxes. The change was a little confusing, and it was hard to tell where messages were going and if users/brands ever saw them. Users are now fully warned when private messages will land in users’ or brands’ other folders.

Graph Search Now Includes Posts And Status Updates

At the end of September, Facebook updated Graph Search’s capabilities to make posts and status updates searchable. This new feature allows users to search for status updates, photo captions, check-ins, and comments, and to find things that were shared with them. According to Facebook, users can search for posts they want to see again, such as “posts I commented on,” or, “my posts from last year.”

Graph Search has always been set up so that users are only able to see content that has already been shared with them and posts from people whose privacy settings are set to public. Here are five tips to enhance Facebook Graph Search ranking. Users who haven’t updated their privacy settings since Graph Search was released may want to check in and freshen up on the options they have chosen. This article explains how to recheck privacy settings for Graph Search.

Jim Belosic is CEO of Facebook custom application platform ShortStack.