Should You Befriend A Frenemy On Facebook?

Have you received a friend request from someone you know well but who gets on your nerves?

What do you do when you receive a Facebook friend request from a frenemy?

Frenemies give you backhanded compliments, they make you tow the line while they stand on the side munching on popcorn as if watching a movie.

It boils their blood every time something good happens to you like an on-the-job promotion or a first-time home purchase. They seem to love attacking the things you love most about yourself , but do it subtly.

Frenemies have game plans that they execute with such finesse but the intergral part of their plot is to remain your friend at all costs.

The bottom line is that a frenemy is a house enemy and whenever their nastiness seeps out it they ironically still manage to refer to themselves as friends of yours. So should you accept friend requests from these malcontents or ignore them?

You could accept and then create a friend list called “frenemies” — the first member would be your newest frenemy friend — and restrict their ability to see your profile. Then block their updates from your news feed and opt out of everything you can.

Or you could block that person. Or just click on “ignore” and be done with it. After all, there is such a thing has having too many friends on Facebook, as larger contact lists increase your risk of running into malware.

Facebook life should be drama-free, no stress, a kind of la-la land of fun with a connection to people whom you truly care about. Socializing in this type of network can allow you to take on a third persona outside of your everyday humdrum personal and work life. You, as a Facebooker, should let yourself freely morph into someone who is a networker, game player, party goer, a true social butterfly with thoughts and feelings that should not be hampered by anyone else on your friends list.

If you want to even be narcissistic or a shameless self-promoter on Facebook, you should not be hindered by people who not only don’t care about you one bit, but who will put you down every chance they get. Facebook should be a place where self-gratification reigns and stress is zapped.

Healthy escapism that reduces stress is always a good thing according to experts. If frenemies cause you stress, do what any scientific learned person with a Ph.D. or M.D. would suggest to you…ignore the frenemy’s friend request and keep your Facebook realm a positive experience. Afterall, happiness should be the ultimate end result of anything you do.

Hey, readers, have you accepted friend requests from frenemies? Have you blocked or ignored them? Please share your experiences in the comments section.