Why you Shouldn’t use Facebook to Invite People to Your New Year’s Eve Bash

A timeline of Facebook parties gone wrong [Infographic]

Using Facebook for party invites has led to chaos over the years, particularly when hosts make the event public.

A teenager from Hertfordshire who mistakenly posted her address and phone number on Facebook to publicize a birthday party ended up with 21,000 promised guests.

In Colorado, a back-to-school pool party was crashed by hundreds of Facebook users, ending in arrests and hospitalizations.

A party invitation that went viral on Facebook ended in rioting and injury after thousands descended on a small town in the Netherlands (1 in 8 residents attended the party). The schoolgirl had only planned a quiet celebration with a small group of friends to celebrate her 16th birthday party. She’d sent the invite to friends on Facebook, who then sent it to other friends until it spread like wildfire across the Internet.

One party goer told the Telegraph, “We always go to Facebook parties. If we see an invite for a party on Facebook, we go.”

Twitter is just as dangerous.

Check out the infographic below for a timeline of Facebook parties gone wrong.

*image credit: AP