Showyou Could Be Even More Social

Showyou is a new iPad app that makes it easy to find videos to watch by filtering through your Facebook and Twitter streams to identify links to videos, and share them with your friends. Kenna McHugh’s article here on SocialTimes provides a good overview of this app.

At the bottom of the video play-back window is a button to share the video on Facebook and Twitter, add a comment to the Tweet or Facebook update that contained the link to the video, or send a thank you message to the person who shared the video. Unfortunately, Showyou does not provide a way to share videos via email, which is something I would like to see them add. I do have friends that aren’t on Facebook or Twitter with whom I like to sharing things that I find on the Internet.

Another shortcoming is that Showyou does not provide a way to filter videos based on content. For example, if someone posts a lot of cute cat videos that you don’t want to watch, but they do post other interesting videos, you can’t configure Showyou to not show you the cat videos but show all of the other videos from that person. You are left to remove that person from your Twitter or Facebook stream. It would be nice if Showyou had a the ability to filter video content based on the video’s title.