Baylor Alum Divulges Shrek Secret Message

It’s not quite “Paul is dead.” But during a recent speech to film and digital media students at his Texas Alma Mater Baylor University, Hollywood animated film art director Doug Rogers shared a slice of Lone Star State silliness.

Per an article by Rachel Ambelang in the university’s student newspaper, the Baylor Lariat:

During the [September 15] presentation, Rogers showed his mischievous side by revealing that in one of the scenes of Shrek he placed a series of numbers across a sign in the background that, when decoded, spells out “I hate the University of Texas.”

Who knew that this ten-year-old animated smash secretly threw down the Texas gauntlet? (Don’t mess with Shrekas?) Not us, that’s for sure. FishbowlLA has reached out to Dreamworks Animation to find out if they were aware of these encrypted collegiate hijinx. If we hear anything more, we’ll update the item.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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