Sh*t Politico’s Jim VandeHei Says

When the ubiquitous Mike Allen was asked two years ago on MSNBC about his sleep patterns, he quoted his boss, Politico Executive Editor Jim VandeHei.

“Jim Vandehei says to be healthy, wealthy, and wise you need six hours a night, so I try for at least that,” Allen said. Sage advice, indeed. But what else does VandeHei say? Luckily, a new Q&A with him published in PaidContent is chock-full of Vande-isms.

For example…

On Politico staying relevant in the media realm:

“Anyone who thinks that because they have success today, they’ll have success tomorrow I think is a fool.”

There’s definitely more…

On Bloomberg Government‘s lukewarm success in the D.C. market:

“I would like to think that we’re one of the big reasons they’ve had trouble penetrating this market.”

On HuffPost media reporter Michael Calderone’s recent story about layoffs at Politico:

“We told them it was a stupid story when it was written and it’s proven itself to be.”

On website advertisement clutter:

“I think that media … has sort of created a NASCAR-effect to web design with all kinds of crap everywhere that nobody’s looking at.”

On profiting from news:

“People might bemoan what’s happening in journalism, but we don’t have time to whine. We have to deal with it.”

On his favorite news site:

“I live and breathe politics so obviously, it’s Politico.”

On one of his other favorite news sites:

“Foreign Policy is a fantastic site that I feel is modeled after Politico.”

On TV he watches for pleasure:

“I have young kids so we’ve watched American Idol until this season, which sucked.”

We’ve requested comment from VandeHei, namely on whether these pearls of wisdom have marinated in his soul for quite some time or whether he coughs them up on the fly.

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