Shuster Invokes Use of P-Word

Current TV sub and radio host David Shuster is no coward when it comes to using the p-word. “This is the first time in nearly four years that I’ve used the word ‘pimp’ (or any derivation of it) on-air,” he wrote on Facebook over the weekend, referencing the infamous program that initially got him suspended from MSNBC when he said then-presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton was pimping her daughter, Chelsea, on the campaign trail.  “Anyway, the segment we did tonight was the funniest of the week,” he continued. “Pay particular attention, if you like, to the double entendres. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

This use of pimping didn’t involve Chelsea Clinton, now a special correspondent for NBC’s “Rock Center.” This involved prostitutes pimping for GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul.

‘Pimpin’ for Paul’: David Shuster reveals Nevada prostitutes who have the hots for Ron Paul – Countd “The working girls at the Moonlite Ranch, who reportedly love a good caucus, met and decided to endorse Paul’s candidacy.”

Our favorite reaction comes from a Shuster Facebook friend who writes, “Love ya D….but really?”

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