Sia Furler's Facebook Page Is This Week's Most Explosive

Entertainment pages lead the list of fastest-growing pages, with fan counts approaching the millions.

Entertainment pages lead the list of fastest-growing pages, with fan counts approaching the millions. Take a look below for this week’s list, based on our site’s statistics section, and be sure to let us know your opinions in the comments section.

This Week’s Explosive Pages

Name # Of Fans Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1. Sia Furler 304,757 146 203,147
2. A.J. Perez 270,727 17,910 193,137
3. The Lonely Island 687,435 110,571 186,165
4. New York Knicks 823,333 27,408 164,864
5. 48 Laws of Power 198,814 490 158,473
6. Scream 4 480,054 13,758 140,665
7. Rufus Wainwright 149,033 71,643 114,191
8. Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew 523,951 54,139 102,627
9. Ian Erix 128,553 33 96,866
10. Heinz Ketchup 660,004 14,254 96,579

Music: Australian pop singer Sia Furler has nabbed the top spot this week; 203,147 likes were tallied on her official social networking home. Head to the page for updates from the road, a bit of tattoo talk, and to hear music from her latest release.

Comedic music group The Lonely Island, known for their many amusing song parodies, sky rocketed to the third spot this week; the page tallied a weekly growth total of 186,165. Ian Erix continues to have a growing presence on Facebook by enticing fans with exclusive contests and songs; the page finished the week with an increase of 96,866.

Books, movies, television: The recent tragic passing of young Philippine actor A.J. Perez has left many heading towards the social network to pay respects and say goodbye. Fans helped move the page into the a third spot; 193,137 users tapped the “like” on his page last week.

Popular book 48 Laws of Power also took quite a notable leap forward; 158,473 people helped in the book’s tremendous week as it landed in the fifth spot. Scream 4 was released in theaters last week; 140,665 fans took to Facebook for the latest videos and news surrounding the film. Randy Jackson’s television show “America’s Best Dance Crew” is moving up the list quite quickly as the new season is under way; the page received a weekly growth increase totaling 102,627.

Creative promotions: The New York Knicks have offered pre-sale playoff ticket access in exchange for new fans; the promotion helped them move to the fourth spot on the list as 164,864 new “likes” were totaled. Rufus Wainwright, is hosting a photo competition that has help propel him forward to the seventh spot; he accrued 114,191 likes last week.

We close this week with Heinz Ketchup, which is currently on a road trip across America. The best place to head for the latest updates is their home on Facebook. The fun promotion has helped their social network presence continue to grow; in the past seven days the page finished with an increase total of 96,579.

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