Sibblingz Game Platform Attempts to Unify Gameplay Across Platforms

Sibblingz, a new company on the social gaming scene, has launched a social game engine that enables games to work across PC and mobile platforms. The goal of Sibblingz is to “unify gameplay across platforms”, and its technolgoy has been used with some of the top titles on Facebook, including Happy Island. The platform will work to support Facebook, the iDevices and Google Android devices.

“Game play on the smart phone and tablet is different from social game play on the PC like Facebook. iDevice gamers want more skill-based mechanics with console-like gaming feel,” said Peter Relan, Executive Chairman of CrowdStar. “By using the Sibblingz engine we can make a game optimized for the iPad that is connected to the same back-end data as the Facebook version. Sibblingz gives us multi-device reach with the flexibility to make a game experience unique to that device.”

This isn’t the first platform of this type, as companies like Heyzap and J2Play have worked to accomplish similar goals in the past. The question is whether the technological specifications actually make a simple way of creating a game for multiple platforms. If this is the case, we’ll see developers flock to the service. Also, Sibblingz focuses on the fact that gameplay should be united, so they are likely attempting to provide more than just data solutions for developers, but maybe the ability to unify UI and gameplay mechanisms through standardized control and graphics APIs.

“A solution like Sibblingz can have a dramatic impact on brands and developers looking to build a game that has scale from a cross-platform perspective,” said Michael Cai, Vice President of Video Games at the research firm, Interpret, LLC. “Right now it’s quite expensive to build a game on multiple platforms, and it’s a big hurdle for someone looking to create the next social game phenomena across devices.”

Media companies, brands and game developers interested in the Sibblingz platform should contact for more information.