Siegefall: Gameloft’s Newest Strategy Game Hits Mobile Devices

The base-building combat game asks players to build an army and head into battle against the computer or other real players.

Mobile game company Gameloft has announced the release of Siegefall on mobile devices. The base-building combat game sees players recruiting an army to take control of the land by balancing the use of gold and wood, two key resources.

Players begin with a small base which grows over time as they construct and upgrade more gold and wood production buildings, defensive structures and special buildings like a barracks or workshop. Building and upgrading the barracks will unlock additional troop types for one’s army, for instance, while the workshop allows gamers to upgrade these overall troop types.

While gold and wood are produced automatically over time, players can also pillage additional resources during single-player or multiplayer battles. During each battle, players tap and drag to direct each hero or unit to attack a chosen structure. Heroes can be commanded more than once, while basic units will perform automatically after they’re deployed. As players clear special food storage items, they’ll collect the food necessary to recruit additional troops in the middle of battle.

These recruited troops will disappear after battle, even if they survived the encounter. However, any surviving starting troops will return to base, and players can spend resources to replace fallen units.

A card collection system allows players to trigger magical spells during battle. These may heal troops in a chosen area for a limited time, or cause damage to enemy structures, as examples. Players can create new cards using free or premium currency, but may also receive some cards as free prizes while playing.

Many tasks, including building and upgrading structures, creating cards and recruiting troops take time to complete. These timers can be skipped using premium currency, and players will receive some free premium currency as they complete specific in-game achievements relating to the base’s growth or battling.

Siegefall is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Windows Phone Store.