Signs of the Times at Think Mobile

The old, gray lady, The New York Times, was discussed during the Think Mobile conference presented by at Comix in New York, as panelists during a Wednesday-morning session titled For Profit: How Media Businesses Can Make Money in Mobile reached for the Times as an example.

In speaking about mobile content in general, iCrossing director of strategy, emerging technologies Rachel Pasqua said:

I think what will be exciting for publishers is the ability to customize your own version of the Times. I think the most valuable thing that’s coming this year is a change of mind-set. There’s no turning back the tide. There are going to be divergent platforms.

HipCricket chief marketing officer Jeff Hasen mentioned the Times, as well, saying:

It’s interesting that on Sunday, I had my iPad, and I spent $6 on The New York Times, because it was Sunday, and that’s what I do on Sunday. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.