SimCity BuildIt Updated With Future Cities Content

The update allows users to construct new futuristic homes and buildings in their towns.

EA Mobile launched a new “Future Cities” content update in SimCity BuildIt. The update allows users to construct new futuristic homes and buildings in their towns.

Users need to reach Level 30 to access this content. To begin, users can access the NeoMall building, which is next to Dr. Vu’s tower, outside of players’ towns. This NeoMall offers a changing supply of special building materials, Speed-Up Tokens and more, but these items can only be purchased using the new NeoSimoleons currency.

SimCity BuildIt NeoMall

Players will receive 5,000 NeoSimoleans for free, and they can earn additional NeoSimoleons by constructing and collecting from Omega residential zones. Players will also need to construct the new NeoBank before they can begin collecting NeoSimoleons. The NeoBank will hold a limited amount of NeoSimoleons, but its capacity can be upgraded using Omega items.

Each Omega residential zone has a maximum population of 2,550 Sims. These homes can be upgraded using new Omega items, such as 4D Printers and JetPacks. Players can purchase Omega items in the NeoMall, or they can create them using two new buildings: the Omega Lab and the Omega Research Center.

Specifically, users can spend Simoleons in the Omega Lab to create Omega materials, which can then be opened in the Omega Research Center to receive a variety of items, including Omega items. Omega materials come in different sizes, and they contain different numbers of items.

As users construct Omega residential zones, they’ll need to connect them to a new ControlNet service by constructing ControlNet Towers nearby. Users can choose from three sizes of ControlNet Towers, each with a different active radius.

In addition, players will need to deploy drones to patrol the skies around their Omega residential zones. To do this, users can construct one or more Drone Bases in their towns. Users can choose from three Drone Bases sizes, each with a different active “capacity.”

SimCity BuildIt is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

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