‘Sir Bacon,’ AKA Benjie Kaze, On 30-Second Pitch

We mentioned earlier this week that unemployed blogger “Sir Bacon,” formerly an Emmy-award winning producer, landed a slot on CNN’s 30-Second Pitch; his video is now online.

For a guy used to being behind the scenes, we imagined it’d probably be pretty hair-raising to be in front of the camera. It was.

“I arrived at the studio 40 minutes before the live shot. CNN had requested 25. That gave me an extra 15 minutes to find a brown paper bag to breath into,” he wrote today.

The segment started: host Kyra Phillips razzed Kaze about how he should have been producing this segment (ugh; isn’t that like waving food in front of a starving man?), and then, irony of ironies:

“Out of nowhere, a man’s voice jumped into my earpiece:
“‘We need to do that again,’ the voice said.
“Now I’m pretty used to hearing voices in my head, but it’s never happened before WHILE I WAS DOING A LIVE SHOT ON CNN…”

He pressed on. Thank goodness, because the voice was aimed at someone else.

In 25 years of working in TV, I’ve definitely been on the other side of that, talking to the wrong person at the wrong time.
But this was REALLY the wrong time. This was no seasoned vet in the chair. This was me.
I don’t think anybody expected me to be polished on-air, but had I stopped and started all over, I would’ve been a youtube sensation.
Wait a minute…
I could’ve been a youtube sensation.

Seven minutes after finishing the segment, Kaze had nine text messages, two voice mails and 40 e-mails.

You can watch the clip below!

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