Sir Bacon, Unemployed TV Producer, To Get On ’30-Second Pitch’

Since we don’t know what Sir Bacon looks like, here is a picture of Francis Bacon.

An unemployed producer blogging under the pseudonym “Sir Bacon” will be on CNN’s 30-Second Pitch tomorrow morning.

“Bacon”s blog first caught our attention when he was picked up by Business Insider. Back then, more than two months ago, Bacon was in Month 14 of unemployment and still keeping his spirits up.

Since then it seems like life has thrown a few curveballs his way: speeding tickets (that nobody wants to pay, especially not on an unemployment budget), family issues, and a job interview that felt like it went so goddamn well and then three weeks later, nothing but silence from the company. Sucks.

But now Bacon’s going to be on CNN’s 30-Second Pitch, where jobseekers get half a minute to showcase themselves and their talents and hopefully get something great out of it.

But it comes with a price, he writes:

This is my opportunity to possibly return to the ranks of the employed.
But with it comes a big price. At least for me.
With it comes the end of my safety net, called anonymity.
Now there is no way that I could go on CNN as sirbacon without saying who I really am.
That would be stupid for me.
And there is NO way I could go on CNN as me without talking about sirbacon.
That would be disrespectful to him. Or me as him.
The plain and simple truth is that this is the best thing to happen to my career in the last 18 months.
I had to say yes.

We are looking forward to seeing the “real” Sir Bacon as well as learning if Bacon lands a job from this.

You can see him, too, at 10:40 AM EST tomorrow on CNN.

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