Sirius Radio to Bring Radio App to Ford Cars Through SYNC AppLink

Sirius XM Radio is making its SiriusXM Internet Radio app available in Ford vehicles that are equipped with SYNC  the AppLink, or about a million Ford vehicles.

Drivers of these cars who subscribe to the satelite radio will be able to access Sirius’ new personalized music streaming services MySXM as well as SiriusXM On Demand through the app. Users can create personalized music streams while online or on their mobile phone by moving a slider towards music they like and away from music they don’t like. For instance, you may like 80s music with more R&B, less New Wave. Ford drivers can access these personalized streams while driving.

To access the app, users must download it to their iOS or Android phone first and then connect to SYNC AppLink. Once synced, the app is accessible to drivers hands free. It works through voice commands, steering wheel or radio controls so drivers don’t have to risk their safety to channel surf. 

Sirius did not announce if partnerships with other car manufacturers are in the works, but the company does provide satellite radio to many different manufacturers, not just Ford. In addition, Jim Meyer, CEO of SiriusXM indicated that Ford is the “first automaker to give its customers easy, safe access to our unparalleled audio entertainment through the SiriusXM Internet Radio App and satellite radio in the connected car,” which suggests others might follow.

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