Six Flags To Launch Social Mascot Game On Facebook

A cascade of free to play applications are hitting social networks as brands notice the economic sensibility of social games. From sports companies to media powerhouses, we’re seeing a cascade of free to play applications being launched on social networks. Joining the pack, the popular theme park chain Six Flags announced it will be releasing a new social and interactive game with partners Noise and Making Fun called Six Flags Mascot Park that encourages competition amongst players. The company will look to leverage its brand equity and layer it with creative game play and monetization but will face fierce competition as user acquisition becomes tougher by the day.

The goal of the game is to allow players to compete and out-perform other players using.. um.. Mascots in order to become the prime Mascot for Six Flags. That’s right. Players get to create their very own Six Flags branded mascot (an avatar) and dress it up as they like. Coupled with a realistic physics engine and fun interactivity, the game will strive to create a strong connection between the player and the mascot and we can expect Six Flags to monetize by providing premium avatar attire as well as scintillating dance moves.

“We wanted to offer fans a forum to entertain, amuse and interact but we also recognize the importance of integrating a unique and over-the-top experience to the online community,” said Mike Antinoro, executive vice president of marketing and entertainment.

Six Flags is looking to provide a lot of sociability by incorporating fun elements such as the ability to interact with and share performances with friends. The combination of fun animations like hip gyrations and fireworks should provide a compelling experience. Six Flags has millions of fans that tread their theme parks so they should be able to boost their users through marketing but the real growth will come from friend recommendations and ad campaigns. The game is set to debut this summer and we look forward to checking it out.

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