Six More Ad Providers Join Facebook’s Approved List for Platform Developers

Facebook has added six more companies to its list of ad providers that have agreed to its terms for working with developers on the platform, since we last looked at the end of March. Some are better known than others, and include in alphabetical order, the amusingly named Appflation, Deal United, EasyAds, NextPerformance, Secco Ads, and Unified.

Ad providers, whether online ad networks, in-game offer providers, or others in the ecosystem, need to agree to follow rules set by Facebook around how they access data about users, the formats they use to target, and other criteria intended to protect users as well as Facebook’s ad-driven business model. Google continues to be absent, most likely because the company aggregates and analyzes user data through its AdSense performance ad network, in ways that Facebook does not allow.

The total number of approved developers has now reached 83, a wide mix of companies, some of whom have been quite active on Facebook and some of whom have not been. A few more details about the new additions: Appflation provides very few details about itself, Deal United is a long-time offer provider based in Europe, EasyAds is a Bulgarian online ad network, NextPerformance does online ad retargeting (with a French focus), Secco Ads is also an ad network, and Unified has not yet launched.