Six Ways To Stay Energized On Your Job Search

We’ve talked before about treating your job search like a job (which the BLS thinks not many people are doing).

Courtesy of JIST Publishing’s Job Search blog, here come six more tips to stay energized while you’re on the hunt.

“Maintain your normal schedule. Don’t sleep late. Get dressed each morning just as if you were going to be out talking to people–because you probably will.”

“Participate in some kind of physical fitness program…. Remember, exercise helps relieve stress and anxiety and enables you to think more clearly.” Jogging is free, if you already have a good pair of shoes. Even taking a walk can help.

“Watch your diet and eat right. Eat balanced, reasonable-sized meals. Excessive coffee can increase tension and appetite. Excessive alcohol can dull your thinking ability (plus add weight). Excessive sweets and sugars can increase tension and irritability.”

“Set weekly and daily goals in terms of contacts to make and research to conduct.” Whether it’s “talk to five new people” or “send out eight resumes” or just “spend some time thinking about what I really want to do,” set goals and stick to them.

“Maintain your physical appearance. First impressions are important and you will want to look good.” Plus, you’ll feel better about yourself if your hair isn’t a mess and your eyebrows are the way you like them.

And “Set up some kind of ‘office’ where you can direct your job search. Make this a place where you can take calls, handle correspondence, and keep track of your research and other information.” You’ll be much more productive if you’re not sitting on the couch with Oprah on in the background. Trust us.

Also from the JIST blog: when you’re out pounding the pavement, it’s easier to stay positive than if you’re sitting at home in a dark room sending out resumes. Look for job loss support groups/meetups, networking events and cocktail parties, and go out there. Because nobody wants to hire a troglodyte. maintains a list of their cocktail parties here, and a list of outside events nationwide here.