Sixty Percent of iPad Owners Read eBooks on Their iPad

Simba Information has just published a new report on eBooks, eReaders, and how people are reading on their gadgets. The report finds that 40% of respondents don’t read eBooks on their iPad.

This is a rather curious number, but before you can proclaim that it is high, low, or unremarkable you first need to put it into context. Simba didn’t provide any extra info in the press release and I can’t afford the report (it’s $3200). But I did some digging and I came across a report from AdMob.

AdMob ran a survey a couple months ago that covered 1,430 tablet owners. It found that about 46% of respondents read on their tablet. As you can see, the iPad number is much higher. Simba described the 60% as low in the press release, and as you can see it’s not. Context is key.

You can buy the report here. TBH, I’d go for the Admob report instead. It’s free.

image by hfabulous

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