Skyfire Browser Coming To Android

Skyfire is a web browser that is currently available for Windows Mobile and Symbian, and according to this announcement on the Skyfire blog, it is coming to Android. What sets Skyfire apart from other browsers is that it processes web pages on servers and sends the result to mobile browsers. Recently the jkOnTheRun web site compiled a table comparing the average page rendering speed of the popular mobile browsers, and Skyfire came out as one of the fastest.

I believe that Skyfire also handles rendering Flash, so it would seem to be a logical choice for the iPad, if only Apple would allow it in the App Store. Beside the faster rendering speed, another benefit of Skyfire and Opera Mini, which works the same way, is that information sent between the client app on the phone and their servers is compressed, which lowers data usage. If you have a mobile plan with caps on the data service, using Skyfire or Opera Mini will enable you to browse more web sites for the same about of data as regular browsers.