SkyGrid Brings Information To Your iPad

SkyGrid collections information from all over the web, organizes it into topics, and makes it available on the iPad in what SkyGrid calls streams. When you first start the SkyGrid app on the iPad in landscape mode you will see a list of Featured Streams on the left of the screen, and the same list appears in a large popover window if the iPad is in portrait. When you tap a stream a list of articles appear in the same portion of the screen and the articles keep updating as new items on the topic that you select are found by SkyGrid.

Tap an article to display it on the right side of the screen in landcape. The article is displayed on the entire screen when the iPad is in portrait. All of the articles are retrieved from the actual web sites hosting them and the article pane appears to basically be an embedded web browser. You can tap links in articles to go to other web pages and back and forward buttons are at the top of the pane for navigation. If you want to save the stream you are viewing for future use, tap the star at the top of the Articles list to put the stream in your Favorites.

Other ways to find streams are by Search and Categories. Categories are actually streams for specific topics, for example Sports and Movies. To create your own stream, tap Search and enter a search term. SkyGrid very quickly retrieves articles relating to the search term that you enter, and to save that search as a stream tap the Star button at the top of the articles pain to add it to your Favorites.

SkyGrid provides a way to share articles via e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook. To share via Twitter and Facebook your first have to give SkyGrid permission to access those social networks. For example, when you share via Twitter, SkyGrid creates a tweet using the title of the article and automatically includes short URL. It also automatically puts in an @SkyGrid mention, which you can delete.

I think that SkyGrid is a wonderful application, and it is now an important part of how I use my iPad to stay abreast of what is happening in the world. You will find SkyGrid in the iPad App store.

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