Skype Updates iPhone & iPad Apps: Bluetooth, Video Stabilzation & New Bugs

Skype released updates for its iPhone and iPad apps that brings a much needed enhancement and a new feature.

– iPhone: Better image stabilization when transmitting video using the iPhone 4’s rear camera.

– iPhone & iPad: Ability to use a Bluetooth headset for a Skype call. It is hard to believe that this feature had been missing until now.

Skype for iPhone & Skype for iPad Updates Deliver Anti-Shake Technology & Bluetooth Connectivity

The update also introduces a necessary funding evil: In-app advertising unless you are a paying customer or have Skype credit.

Unfortunately, the Skype app updates introduced a few bugs according to Skype itself:

UPDATE: We understand that some of you are experiencing several issues with the new updated version of Skype for iPhone/iPad released today. The problems you might be seeing include 1.) Skype Credit may not be showing 2.) Contacts are slow to sync 3.) Account settings (e.g. photo, name, profile) may not appear. More info on how to fix this can be found here. We apologize for any inconvenience