Skyscanner All flights, everywhere! review

Skyscanner All flights, everywhere! is an iOS release from Skyscanner. It’s available now as a free download from the Apple App Store and carries no additional in-app purchases.

Skyscanner All flights, everywhere! attempts to allow users to easily find the best price for any airline ticket and book it right from their mobile device. When users open the app, they’re greeted with the search window, either as a clean slate, or showing their previous search. It’s a simple menu that simply asks for the starting airport, the destination, the depart and return dates, and how many passengers. This process works identical to flight app competitors, with a couple additions. The first is a list of every available airport, sorted by country. The other option is to display this same list as an interactive map.

Once the information is entered and submitted, Skyscanner continues to work like most other flight-booking websites and apps. Once the list of flights is generated, it’s automatically sorted by price per person. Users can change the sorting by departure time, duration, and arrival time, and they can filter out certain airlines, multi-stop trips, and block out undesirable times. Users who aren’t satisfied with the prices or times can pull up a chart that allows them to quickly change the departure and arrival dates and quickly execute another search. If users need some time to think about their plans, they can press a button to add the search to their favorites list and check it out later.

There’s a bit of customization in Skyscanner that, when combined with its straightforward interface, can make it a somewhat-appealing candidate for booking flights on the go. Users can easily change their currency, save booking information, and put various trips on a watch list so they can book if a good deal pops up. Users who find a deal or have an idea that they want to pass on to someone else have a few sharing options available. Users can post their searches publicly to either Twitter or Facebook, or they can email flight and trip details to anyone. These options are nice to have, despite the social media sharing seeming entirely unnecessary.

While other services allow for booking of hotels and rental cars, often in bundles, Skyscanner relies entirely on flights at this time. Part of that is due to the service booking directly through the airlines, but users who want to plan entire trips will need to book hotels and vehicles separately. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as many users book separately anyways, but those who are into bundling their vacations will need to look elsewhere.

Everything Skyscanner does, it does very well. The issue with the app isn’t that its not good, it’s just not entirely relevant. There are other apps and services that help book flights. In some cases, other services will find lower prices on the same flight, though most are about equal. Skyscanner is in the midst of crowded flight app market, and while it has a very easy-to-use interface to help it stand out from the pack, it gives no compelling reason for anyone to pick it over the competitors.

You can follow Skyscanner’s progress on AppData, our tracking tool for mobile and social apps and developers.

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