Guitarist Slash Gets Caught Up in Some Mashed Potatoes Journalism

While former Guns N’ Roses ax-man Slash managed to escape unscathed from his recent appearance at the taping of Comedy Central’sĀ Charlie Sheen roast, it was apparently another matter today at a UK guitar shop.

According to a report in the Epsom Guardian, a British media personality known as Tubes (pictured) decided to go for some stupid stunt journalism. All, one assumes, for boastful future inclusion on his Saturday morning Sky One TV program Soccer AM and-or website:

Tubes smashed Slash [with mashed potatoes] during an interview ahead of the official opening of GuitarGuitar in Epsom, the largest guitar shop in the UK. The superstar did not see the joke and stormed off after having Tubes unceremoniously booted out of the building.

But with hordes of fans eagerly awaiting their chance to meet their idol face to face, Slash returned for the exclusive signing with 200 lucky competition winners and to ā€˜slash the sashā€™ at the shop’s official opening.

The actions of Tubes did however reportedly lead Slash to cancel a planned on-site interview with the BBC. On a scale of Howard Stern to Jackass, this definitely has all the appearances* of a jackass move.

*Update – 09/17/11: There was indeed some mashed potatoes; and Tubes did make a proper fool of himself. However, contrary to the originalĀ Epsom Guardian report, the British personality only applied the side dish to himself, not Slash. Watch the interview clip here.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.