Slate Launches Paywall for International Readers

Five articles for free, then pay up.

Slate 320Slate is launching a metered paywall for international readers. Readers can access up to five articles per month; anything beyond that and non-U.S. readers will be asked to pay $5 per month, or $50 a year for Slate Unlimited.

In a note about the change, Slate editor in chief Julia Turner said the paywall was necessary because American advertisers don’t want to pay for an international audience.

“The end result is that, outside the United States, we are not covering our costs,” explained Turner. “That leaves us, as a business, with two choices: either make up for low ad rates by increasing the number of ads on the site, or turn to our readers to pay a fair share of the costs of producing the site. We’ve opted to do the latter.”

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