SlideShare Says No More Flash, All in With HTML, Mobile Friendly Slides

I used SlideShare to help solve an somewhat unusual presentation problem I had last month. Lacking a projector, I used SlideShare to let people attending my talk follow my slidedeck on iPhone and Android smartphones.. The slidedeck consisted of PowerPoint slides uploaded to

No Projector? Use QR Code & SlideShare to Share a Presentation on Smartphones

So, I was a bit susprised that GigaOm announced that:

SlideShare ditches Flash, rebuilds entire site in HTML5

The surprise was in this sentence: This means that SlideShare is now viewable on every kind of mobile device, from iPads to iPhones to Android devices and beyond The iPhone has never supported Flash and the Android phones did not use Flash to display my slides. So, SlideShare must have been using HTML5 to display and navigate the slides as early as two months ago (I tested the idea long before actually trying it with a live audience).

Whatever the case, this is welcome news that should make mobile presentations just a bit easier.