SlotoLotto Slot Machines review

SlotoLotto Slot Machines is a new Facebook game from Peak Games. It’s available now for anyone to play on the social network, and is currently featured on the front page of App Center.

SlotoLotto Slot Machines is a very conventional slot machine simulation that allows players to compete on a selection of 18 different virtual machines, though only one is available to begin with. The game opens with a completely unnecessary tutorial that simply points out things like the “spin” button and doesn’t really explain how the machine itself works — a simple help screen pointing out interface elements would have been better and got players into the game quicker.

Once past the initial tutorial, which is mercifully short, gameplay takes the form of some very straightforward multi-line slot machines. Players gain experience points for each spin, with more experience gained for larger bets. Leveling up sometimes unlocks new machines, and these later machines tend to offer a combination of more possible win lines and larger allowed bets per line. Leveling up also rewards the player with virtual currency bonuses — though as usual, virtual currency may also be purchased and acquired in small quantities through a regular timed bonus mechanic that counts down in the corner of the screen.

Each slot machine has its own “bonus game” that is accessible through matching three or more “bonus” symbols on a single win line, at which point a non-skippable animation plays twice for some inexplicable reason, then throws the player into a very simple game of chance that involves picking one of several objects and hoping it hides a high number rather than one of the items that causes the bonus game to end early. When the bonus game ends, the player’s winnings from that game are multiplied by their original bet, so it can lead to some significant rewards.

The “Lotto” part of the game is a completely separate component accessible from the main screen — and which isn’t pointed out to the player at all in the initial tutorial, so it’s easily missed. Here, the player is able to play once per day for free, and after that they must ask five friends or pay four Facebook credits to play again. The lotto game is as you would expect — you pick a selection of numbers, then numbers are drawn, and the more numbers you picked that match the ones drawn, the bigger the winnings.

Social features for the game are limited to inviting friends to play and sending free gifts (either five free spins or a rather feeble 50 coins). The game also bugs the player to share their activity at every opportunity — every big win, every bonus game completed, every level up. The game does not remember the player’s preference for sharing, so the small and quite easy-to-miss checkbox must be unchecked every single time one of these windows comes up. This is extremely frustrating, particularly for those who do not wish to fill their Timeline with game posts.

Even without this irritant, though, SlotoLotto Slot Machines is a completely unremarkable slot machine simulation that is virtually indistinguishable from the many other similar titles already available on the social network. Its sole unique feature is the “Lotto” function, which is underdeveloped and easily missed thanks to the fact the game makes no effort to point it out, yet thinks players need explicitly telling where the “spin” button is. There’s really very little reason to play this game as opposed to any of the numerous other slot machine games on Facebook — ultimately, without a real money angle, they’re all fairly pointless experiences in the long term anyway, though this doesn’t seem to stop users flocking to them in droves.

SlotoLotto Slot Machines currently occupies the 500,000+ MAU tier with a rank of 482, and the 50,000+ DAU tier with a rank of 622. Follow its progress with AppData, our tracking service for social games and developers.


Virtually indistinguishable from the numerous other slots games on Facebook.