Small Business Owners Are Missing Digital Fundamentals (Infographic)

Small business owners love social but lack unified web and digital presences

As user numbers continue to swell, marketers have shifted their focus toward the larger social networks. However, the cost of marketing competitively on larger networks may be prohibitive for small business owners. An infographic from Spark Business examines social media and technology adoption among small business owners.

Small business owners rely heavily on social, with 61 percent saying they use social sites for their businesses. 54 percent use Facebook, 22 percent use Linkedin, 11 percent are on Twitter and fewer than 10 percent use Instagram or YouTube.

While social may provide opportunities to connect with audiences and potential customers, small business owners are often missing some fundamental steps in creating a unified online experience for their customers. Only 56 percent of those surveyed have websites for their business, while only one-half have optimized their pages for mobile. Just 23 percent of businesses have set up their website for e-commerce, and fewer than five percent plan to offer mobile payments within the year.

Mobile payments, deep analysis of traffic and creating a multichannel experience for customers are all fine goals, but small business owners need to get the basics right first. For more information, view the infographic below.

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