If You Include A Quote In Your Tweet, You’ll See 54 Percent More Retweets [STUDY]

If you’re managing a small business Twitter account, you might want to dust off your “Famous Quotes Bathroom Reader” and start tweeting those notable quotes. According to a recent study, quotes are retweeted more than any other type of content on Twitter.

Perhaps it’s because of the famous names usually attached, or the universal nature of quotes. Whatever the reason, Twitter-ers can’t get enough of these 140-character soundbites.

A new study from social media marketing platform Roost examined more than 10,000 Facebook status updates and tweets from small businesses in over 50 industries to see which types saw the most engagement.

When it comes to Twitter, quotes drive 54 percent more retweets than any other type of post. The study also notes that status updates (which I take to mean regular, and perhaps mundane, tweets) are the second highest retweet driver.

On the other side of things, Facebook posts which include photos drive the most engagement (Likes), about 50 percent more than any other post type. Interestingly, quotes come in second on Facebook, driving 22 percent more traffic than most other types of posts.

Alex Chang, CEO of Roost, explains why businesses see success with different types of posts on the two networks:

“Facebook is inherently visual, so it follows that photos would ignite more activity here, while twitter began, and largely remains text-driven, the home of the pithy soundbite, so it makes sense that quotes create the most engagement on that network.”

So if you’re not quoting your favorite author or great thinker, you might want to find their shortest snippets and start tweeting them a few times a week. Let us know if this gets you more retweets!

Image courtesy of Oleksii Natykach via Shutterstock