Small-Town Filmmaker Gets 5 Million Views Of Parody Commercial Created On No Budget

It’s always nice to see media pros put something together that just blows up.

And that’s what happened when Jesse Rosten, who has spent the last eight years producing commercials for local businesses, put a parody ad up for a fake beauty product called “Fotoshop by Adobé”.

Here’s the video:

On Youtube, the video has 2.2 million views, plus another 3.4 million views on Vimeo.

All for a shoot that, Rosten told the blog A Photo Editor, was made by all volunteers and donated equipment. The biggest expense, Rosten said, was buying food for everyone on the day of the shoot.

“My inbox has been a mess—a lot of inquiries and interest. I haven’t turned it into any paying gigs yet, but now I feel like I can justify putting time and resources into this,” he said. Meanwhile, he doesn’t find it all that surprising that he was able to go viral on such a low budget: that has “always been my thing because I haven’t had a lot of resources. One of the things I like most about filmmaking is creative problem solving—whether that’s coming up with a creative story or coming up with a creative way to make due with few resources. Right now I feel like I can do anything with a camera and a few worklights.”

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