Smart Headband Promises to Help You Control Your Dreams

There’s a few headbands for sleep devotees, and if you like lucid dreams, then this Aurora headband is for you. The Aurora headband plays sounds and personalized lights to help you become aware that you are in a dream, which has been shown to reduce nightmares and lower stress.

Here’s how it works:

Our innovative software detects when you are dreaming by measuring your brainwave and eye-movement activity, while tracking body movements. Cutting-edge Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) technology enables seamless connections to other devices (Android, iOS, desktop), power savings and a platform for out-of-the-box 3rd party app development.

This isn’t the first time a lucid dreaming device is on Kickstarter, In November of this year, LUCI, a headband that promises to help sleepers become self-aware in dreamland. Unfortunately, the project’s videos and promotional images did not actually show a real product, and was subsequently shelved by Kickstarter for fraud. At that time, LUCI had already accumulated over $260,000 CAD.