Smartphone Trend More Than Just Unit Sales, Profits Too

Jean-Louis Gassée, is a former Apple exec credited with the heading the project that led to Apple’s first touch screen mobile device: The Newton Messagepad. And, he is obviously still keenly interested in the mobile space based on this analysis on

Very Personal Computing

In his simplified analysis (he admits to taking “arithmetic license”), Gassée does a bit of arithmetic with Apple and HP’s financial report to conclude that Apple made $3 billion profit from the iPhone while HP only (relatively speaking) made $500 million in profit from their PCs.

His point is that the focus of computing has shifted from the PC to smartphones (“very personal computers”). We’ve seen these shifts before of course: Mainframes -> mini-computers -> workstations -> desktop PCs -> notebooks. The shift of attention and profits to smartphones (and perhaps slate devices in the near future) makes sense from both this view of trends as well as financial report numbers.

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