Smashwords Reaches Three Billion Words Published

The self-pub platform Smashwords has reached a new milestone today. In what is probably a first for (the non-Amazon) self-publishing, Smashwords now has over 70 thousand books in its catalog from more than 28 thousand authors. The eBook that set the milestone was written by Pilar Lopas, and the title is A Grandmother’s Guide to Stealing Sheep.

And it has also set a new record of over 3 billion words. To put that in perspective, it’s been just under 4 months since Smashwords hit 2,000,000 words in its catalog, and only 11 months since it achieved the billion word mark. If we track the numbers, we can see that the growth is accelerating. It took around 2 years to hit 1 billion, 7 months to double it, and 4 months to add another billion on top. Clearly growth is accelerating along with the eBook market as a whole.

eBook newser would like to extend out congratulations to Mark Coker nad the team at Smashwords. Bravo.