Smithsonian Magazine to Hold Annual Museum Day Live! Event on Sept 24

When admission will be as free as it is at the Smithsonian's museums.

For one day a year, museums across the country have the opportunity to be just like the Smithsonian’s network of museums. Read: free.

On Sept. 24, Smithsonian magazine will host its 12th annual Museum Day Live! event, in which partner organizations, much to the delight of museum patrons, will open their one-day-only admission-free door–provided, of course, that you print out the admission ticket that will be available here, beginning August 1.

You can find a list of museums that have already signed up here, and there will be plenty to choose from.

“Having started the program twelve years ago, it is exciting to see how much Museum Day Live! has grown, from a few hundred museums to over a thousand across the country,” said Smithsonian Enterprises CRO Amy Wilkins in a statement. “We look forward to welcoming more guests than ever this year.”

Around 1,300 museums are expected to join in this year.

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