Smule Scores WSJ Hit By Skewering the Press Release

Kudos to iPhone app maker Smule, or Sonic Mule Inc., for tweaking the age-old and boring executive hire press release enough to get’s Venture Capital Dispatch to notice.

The release pokes at the juggling of egos that happens when multiple executives insist on being quoted. Since Smule makes the Glee app, which corrects your pitch as you sing along, the first quote from CEO Jeff Smith calls out the new CFO’s lack of musical ability. The second quote is the meat of the story, and the third quote shamelessly stuffs co-founder Dr. Ge Wang’s lengthy four-part title alongside “I agree with Jeff.”

Smule’s PR person Michelle Sabolich, a senior director at AtomicPR, delivered the release without explanation, and later credited the idea to the client’s “Smulean vibe.”

VC Dispatch has the release in its entirety. The staff’s Smulean vibe can be enjoyed after the jump, as one developer tests the Glee app.

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