Snapchat Becomes a Partner in the #BeatTheVirus Platform

3 Lens Creators developed 4 AR lenses to stress the importance of social distancing

The lenses will be available via both the flagship Snapchat app and the Snap Camera desktop app Snap Inc.

Snapchat became the first official partner of #BeatTheVirus, a platform powered by facts, science and advanced data analysis and aimed at stressing the importance of staying home, social distancing and other methods of slowing the spread of Covid-19.

Parent company Snap Inc. teamed up with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab and #BeatTheVirus to raise awareness of the best individual behaviors to collectively combat the coronavirus pandemic.

#BeatTheVirus is led by former Deputy U.S. Surgeon General Susan Blumenthal, Johns Hopkins University, McKinsey, the MIT Media Lab, Tufts Public Health and Tufts University School of Medicine, and Snap Inc. said the organization’s strategy of raising awareness of key safety tips and public health guidelines aligned with its own.

Snapchat will roll out four augmented reality lenses from three official Lens Creators who used its Lens Studio, and those lenses will be available via both the flagship Snapchat application and the Snap Camera desktop app.


Jimena Depresbiteris of Italy, who created the Stay Home and Home Hobbies lenses, said, “I live in Milan, in what feels like the epicenter of the pandemic. We have been through very dark days, and there have been times when it was painful to even watch the news … We began to see the results of precautionary measures in the reduction of daily new cases, and that is nothing but good news. It is a long road but we must remain positive. That is why I think it’s important to make people aware that precautionary measures work. With my Stay Home lens, I try to transmit the sense of security that a home gives us. Being at home means spending time with your loved ones or maybe just by yourself.”

Luka Lan Gabriel of Slovenia, who was behind the Wear a Mask lens, added, “From when I first learned about this outbreak, I’ve been thinking of ways I could contribute to fighting the coronavirus. One can contribute best in their field of expertise. Medical workers are here to take care of people directly. Scientists are working on finding a vaccine. Factory owners are producing protective equipment. For me, the field is AR. This is why I decided to join the #BeatTheVirus campaign by leveraging the powers of AR—interactivity, shareability and, for the first time, I also tapped into its educational side.”

And the Coronavirus Quiz lens was developed by Norway’s Mikael Johansen, who said, “My friend Jonah and I decided to make a quiz as a unique and trendy way for people to have a fun digital experience and simultaneously learn how to protect themselves and their community. We’re both creators, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to make a difference through our creativity to spread both information and positivity.”

Snapchat David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.