Snapchat Introduces Paid Lens Store, Verified Accounts

The app's latest update will help users identify real celebrities, and other major influencers.

Snapchat has released its latest update on mobile devices, introducing a paid Lens Store and ‘Official Stories’ to the platform.

The paid Lens Store will allow users to purchase lenses to use permanently, and can be found by swiping past one’s free lenses. The Lens Store is only available in a few countries so far, but will come to more soon. Snapchat introduced lenses earlier this year. They allow users to add special effects to their snaps before they’re sent.

In addition, the Official Stories feature has been designed to helper users find and identify verified accounts of celebrities and other major influencers. When users search for one of these verified accounts, their username will appear under the new ‘Official Stories’ header, and an emoji will appear next to their name.


So far, Official Stories are being rolled out to a small group of users, but Snapchat said they will ‘become more widely available’ over time. This addition should prevent users from being tricked by others who are posing as celebrities by using convincing usernames.

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