Snapchat Is Introducing Voice-Controlled Lenses

They are triggered by words including 'hi' and 'love'

Say 'wow!' - Credit by Snapchat
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Voice-controlled lenses are making their way to Snapchat users starting Wednesday.

When voice-controlled lenses are added to the messaging application’s Lens Carousel, they will recognize “a small subset” of words in English, and on-screen prompts will help users learn how to activate them.

Snapchat said voice-controlled lenses will appear in Lens Carousel “periodically.”

A Snap Inc. spokeswoman said, “Beginning today, Snapchatters will be able to control lenses with only their voice. No need for an eyebrow raise or a smile to trigger an animation: Snapchat’s new lenses will animate when they recognize specific, simple words—like ‘hi’ and ‘love.’ For example, ‘hi’ triggers a fun animation that surrounds you with a flock of friendly birds. Say ‘love’ to cue the cheesy jazz. ‘Yes’ will trigger a zoom effect, and ‘no’ will place you in an infinite photo tunnel.”

Snapchat voice-controlled lens, hi

Snapchat voice-controlled lens, love

Snapchat voice-controlled lens, wow

Snapchat voice-controlled lens, wow
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