Snapchat Just Debuted Video-Enabled Sunglasses for Its First Hardware Product

They'll cost $129.99, per The Journal

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OK, we now know exactly why Snapchat has recently pushed the idea of being called a "camera company."

Snapchat CEO Evan Speigel on Friday evening unveiled the tech firm's first hardware product in the form of video-recording, sunglasses-styled eyewear, according to The Wall Street Journal. The one-size-fits-all devices, called Spectacles, will be available this fall for $129.99 from Snap Inc., which is the tech player's new corporate name.

The fresh moniker and suddenly diversified portfolio also point to a probable IPO that has been rumored for weeks. While the video-enhanced sunglasses will have limited distribution, they represent a company that wants to move beyond its smartphone app, which has 150 million daily users. 

The Journal said the Spectacles product allows users to tap a button near the hinge of the glasses and record up to 10 seconds of first-person video. Each new tap will record another video, per the publication. 

While the ramifications are developing, it seems as though Snapchat may have upped its game for unusually-first-person, user-generated content. The big question is, will the device do better than Google Glass? Just in time for a very millennial holiday shopping season—they just might. 

Meanwhile, speaking with Adweek in June and at Dmexco this month, chief strategy officer Imran Khan has called Snapchat—now Snap Inc.—a "camera company." The reasons now are obvious. 

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