Snapchat Now Allows 6 Consecutive 10-Second Video Snaps

Plus, fun color changes

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Snapchat introduced two new features today: Multi-Snap, which allows users to record up to six consecutive 10-second Snaps at once, and a Tint Brush to let them play with colors.

Parent company Snap Inc. said in an email to Adweek that the thinking behind Multi-Snap is to help users avoid missing key moments by capturing video at the “wrong” time.

Multi-Snap is rolling out to iOS users globally today, with Android to “follow soon.”

The feature works as follows: Users begin the same way they would record a traditional video Snap, pressing and holding the capture button. Once 10 seconds elapse, if users continue to hold the capture button, another Snap will be seamlessly recorded, up to six in a row.

Thumbnails will appear at the bottom of the screen for each 10-second video Snap, and when recording is done, users can apply Creative Tools—including Paperclip, custom stickers, Emoji Brush and Voice Filters—to each video Snap in the sequence.

Snaps are sent to friends or posted to Stories individually, but in chronological order, and should users desire to delete Snaps from the sequence, they can do so by dragging them to the trash.

SnapchatMultiSnap from SocialTimes on Vimeo.

Tint Brush, rolling out to all iOS and Android devices today, enables users to add new colors to objects in their photo Snaps by tapping the scissors icon in the application’s vertical toolkit and clicking the Tint Brush icon, which is located adjacent to the icons for custom stickers, Magic Eraser and Backdrops.

Users then select a color and trace the object or area in their photo Snaps where they want that color applied. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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