Snapchat Unveils New Fare for Discover at Snap Partner Summit

The app will debut dedicated news product Happening Now

New scripted series coming to Snapchat Snap Inc.

Snap Inc. revealed several details about content for its Discover platform at its virtual Snap Partner Summit Thursday.

Snap Inc.

The company reached multiyear extensions of commitments with partners including Disney, ESPN, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, NBCUniversal and ViacomCBS, covering new Shows and Snap Originals, as well as returns of existing original franchises including E! News’ The Rundown, ESPN’s SportsCenter, MTV’s Teen Code and NBC NewsStay Tuned.

Snap’s partners will also deliver up-to-the-minute highlights of key entertainment, news and sports moments.

Speaking of news, Snap introduced a dedicated news product, Happening Now, to quickly deliver breaking news to Snapchatters, saying that more than 125 million people have watched news stories on its platform this year.

Happening Now will focus on topics including entertainment, politics and sports, and partners in the initiative include Bloomberg, BuzzFeed News, E! News, ESPN, NBC News, NowThis, Reuters and The Washington Post.

Snap Inc.

Publicly submitted Snaps will also be featured in Happening Now, as will personalized weather from Bitmoji, in partnership with AccuWeather, and horoscopes from Sanctuary.

Snap Inc.

Finally, Snap detailed a new slate of Snap Originals that will premiere over the next year, covering unscripted series, character-driven docuseries and scripted dramas and comedies. Some of these new offerings will incorporate augmented reality to deliver immersive experiences.

The new unscripted series are:

  • Coach Kev, from Laugh Out Loud, features Kevin Hart as coach, best friend and mentor, all rolled into one. It debuts later this year.
  • Fake Up, from Mission Control Media, is a competition between optical illusion makeup artists, complete with custom lenses that bring those illusions to life. The first two seasons will debut in 2020.
  • Move It, from Stellar Studios and Little Engine Productions, is an immersive dance show featuring dance influencers, hits and Snapchat’s AR camera platform. It debuts later in 2020.

Upcoming new docuseries are:

  • Road Trippin’, from Bunim/Murray Productions, follows best friends and creators Rickey Thompson and Denzel Dion on a road trip across the rural U.S. It is executive-produced by Anthony Anderson and will debut later this year.
  • Queen of Stylez, from Glass Entertainment Group, follows hairstylist Tokyo Stylez and debuts in 2020.
  • Life By the Horns, from 21st Street Creative, follows 22-year-old Ezekiel Mitchell on his quest to be the first African American to win the title of best bull rider in the world in over 35 years. It will premiere sometime this year.
Snap Inc.
Snap Inc.

And the new scripted series that were introduced are:

  • Frogtown, from Alcon Television Group, tells the story of a skater living in her car who falls in with an all-girl crew at the Frogtown skatepark in East Los Angeles. It is directed by Catherine Hardwicke, and it will debut in 2021.
  • Action Royale, from Portal A, is a thriller about a teenager who starts an underground esports gambling ring to pay off his father’s debts. It debuts later this year.
  • Total Badass Wrestling, from Comedy Bang! Bang! Productions, is a comedy about a charismatic young wrestler who becomes an overnight viral sensation and is mentored by a washed-up veteran seeking to reclaim the spotlight. It will make its debut sometime in 2020.
Snap Inc. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.