SnappyTV Enables One-Click Native Video Playback

SnappyTV enables brands to extend the life of live events and engage with second-screen viewers in social streams.


Today, SnappyTV announced one-tap video playback in social streams. This announcement comes at a time when social media is becoming more important for live events.

Live events used to be just the domain of TV. But these days, people are using a second screen to discuss events on social media, while the event is still happening. This represents a great opportunity for brands to give second-screen viewers content to share and engage with.

“It is a simple fact — video clips that are shared live, in the moment, have more engagement. This is something that until SnappyTV, has not been possible, on PC or on mobile,” said Mike Folgner, co-founder and CEO of SnappyTV, in a statement. “Our close relationship with both Twitter and Facebook as a developer partner has allowed us to improve the video sharing experience for content owners and the video consumption experience for users.”

In addition to enabling one-click playback inside the Facebook and Twitter streams, SnappyTV’s technology also maintains the connection to ad servers and analytics systems, so marketers can measure the engagement and success of a video.

Television networks and sports brands know this kind of live video is an important aspect of driving social engagement with the fans. Indeed, SnappyTV’s client list includes HBO Sport, FOX Sports, the NBA, NASCAR and MTV.

“It is more important than ever for us to share big moments with our fans as they are happening live,” said Josh Baird, senior manager of social media at Fox Sports, in the announcement. “With SnappyTV’s native video player for Twitter and Facebook, we can streamline the process for fans by capturing exciting moments in sports and share them on social media instantly, when engagement is at its highest.”