Snohetta’s Times Square Redesign Plans Further Confuse Who Came Up With the Tourists/Natives Separation Idea First

Was this writer being a bit dense earlier this week when comparing Bruce McCall‘s latest New Yorker cover to a stunt by the popular Improv Everywhere, or has this just been a weird week for coincidences? We ask because, while we’d read bits and pieces about Norwegian firm Snohetta‘s redesign plans for the once again soon to be redesigned Times Square, this writer seems to have, on first pass, completely missed the part about the firm’s designs helping to organically separate the slow-moving tourists from the natives with places to go. There’s much more to Snohetta’s plans of course, all which can be read about in reports like this nicely succinct one from NY Times and this one from DNAinfo. We just found it potentially interesting that McCall’s New Yorker cover was released before the Times Square plans were officially announced, and McCall’s illustration seemed to borrow from artist Jeff Greenspan‘s work with Improv Everywhere made more than a year ago. Though then you add another chicken and egg scenario in that it was announced earlier this year that Snohetta had won the Times Square commission, though at that time they were still in the planning stages and this idea separating tourists from locals hadn’t yet been released (so far as we’ve been able to tell). So in the end, more confused than ever, we’re left with two options: has been floating around in the collective unconscious over the past year, or this writer is trying too hard to find patterns, or more precisely: doesn’t really have any idea of what he’s babbling about? No matter the case, Snohetta’s redesign should be finished and ready to start separating people sometime in 2014.