Social Activism And Social Gaming Unite For Armchair Revolution

Armchair Revolutionary has launched their new social game portal,, which attempts to help fund forward-thinking science and technology projects. There are three games available on the site and the site allows users to take quizzes, upload photos, decorate their profile pages and donate to research projects.

Basically, as you enter the site, you start the meta game, where you get points and gain levels for actions you complete on the site. You’re able to take quizzes and upload photos and more, and decorating your profile page gets you a good amount of points as well. You can buy gifts to decorate your wall, and those cost $0.99. Armrev wants to limit financial gifts to the $0.99 price point and explain this and their game design below: is a game – with points, levels, and animations. Each time a user completes a task they are rewarded with points, and as their points grow, they reach new levels. As users reach higher levels, they will be rewarded with access to more and more sophisticated tasks that will be unlocked. They will also get access to limited edition artwork and project merchandise.

The project is powered by Live Gamer, who provides them with all their virtual economy elements and allows users to buy and allocate “Kredz” towards projects they want to support. The site is still in its early stages but the first few games, Make Waves, Hack Your Body and End of Darkness seem interesting so far. All the games have socially conscious themes and encourage players to contribute to projects.

One interesting element is that the project aims to help for-profit ventures get off the ground, encouraging socially conscious businesses to start and succeed:

ArmRev.Org is the world’s first website to offer the public the opportunity to help micro-finance for-profit social ventures (i.e. launch for-profit companies that provide social good). In most of these situations, Armchair Revolutionary will use the public’s contributions as investment capital and receive equity stakes in the start-ups it funds. As these equity stakes mature and come of value, Armchair Revolutionary may exit / cash-out and reallocate those profits to new social projects.

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