Social Media’s Impact On The Arab Business World [INFOGRAPHIC]

A survey conducted by the Dubai School Of Government (DSG) has revealed the extent to which social media is impacting the Arab world, increasingly proving itself as a valuable force for entrepreneurs and businesses.

The DSG polled close to 5,000 social media users in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Lebanon, Oman, Egypt and Jordan, and discovered that almost nine-in-ten (86 percent) believe that social media empowers entrepreneurs through branding and marketing, tapping into wider markets and raising entrepreneurial spirit within enterprise.

Moreover, social media was also seen as a boon to the workplace, with an overwhelmingly majority believing that tools such as Twitter and Facebook improved intra-agency collaboration (86 percent), increased customer satisfaction (85 percent) and raised trust between coworkers (78 percent).

These platforms were also cited as a way to help youth enter the workforce, bridging the gap between youth qualifications and job market demands.

(Sources: SAP, Wamda. Social media image via Shutterstock.)