Social Gaming Roundup: Ning Gifts, Vivox, Zong on IMVU, Raptr

Vivox gets social — The web voice company has is now available in Gaia Online’s massive multiplayer game zOMG. This way, players can talk each other while they’re playing the game. Vivox also has a new Facebook app out so you can talk with your Facebook friends.

DIY social network Ning introduces virtual gifts — And network creators will have the ability to use, or make and sell these gifts for their own networks. The company will take out processing fees then split the revenue 50-50 with the creator. User-created gifts have proven to be popular on virtual worlds like IMVU, and in some sense the gifting applications on Facebook.

Zong integration raises IMVU mobile pay revenue by 50% — Virtual world company IMVU, which is already seeing solid revenue from virtual goods, got a further lift from mobile payment company Zong, they both say. Zong replaced an in-house mobile payment service two months ago. Its streamlined interface and carrier relationships helped boost revenue.

Dragonica Online also gets social, with Raptr — The massive multiplayer online game is introducing Raptr to let its players easily chat with each other across a variety of instant message networks, including AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ and Facebook Chat.

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