Social Gaming Roundup: Six Flags, Racing, Android & More

The History of Social Games – Though many see social gaming as a new field, entrepreneur Jon Radoff reminds everyone that, literally speaking, social games have been around for thousands of years. Check out his chart, below.

Six Flags Diving into Social Games Again – The theme park giant Six Flags has announced its upcoming new Six Flags Mascot Park — a social game. It will allow players to create various mascots that can virtually perform, with actions ranging from dancing to getting blown up, as they strive to become “the star of a virtual Six Flags theme park.” This is not the first social dance for Six Flags, however, as it had launched a simple collection of mini-games on Facebook back in November of 2008.

MySpace Redesign is Coming – Being second in social networks next to Facebook, MySpace evidently has a major redesign coming. At the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, MySpace Co-President Jason Hirschhorn noted that new products would be coming this summer, with a massive overhaul of the overall site design following sometime during the fall.

Blur Features Facebook Integration – Mainstream racing game, Blur, from the developer Bizarre Creations and publisher Activision is doing more than racing sexy cars. Players of the game can actually connect Facebook, in both single and multiplayer modes, and send game challenges to friends as well as post in-game photos, racing stats, unlockable items, and more to their Facebook feeds.

Mobile Flash Gaming Site Coming to Android – Earlier this week, Mochi Media, the Flash gaming portal that sold to Shanda Games earlier this year, announced the launch of a brand new Flash games site that will make use of Flash 10.1. Moreover, the site will actually be a mobile-oriented site, allowing users to play via the Android platform.

NoiseToys Helps Socialize Music – A new startup dubbed NoiseToys has launched a new iPhone app called HitMaker that takes a page out of the Fantasy Football playbook to socialize music. In a nutshell, players find music and “own” it, then attempt to boost how well it does by sharing it with your friends. If they like it, you get points.

Offerpal’s Sees Early Successes – It’s been roughly three weeks since Offerpal Media launched, the website that allows users to earn virtual currency for any number of games. In that time, the company has reported that the endeavor has garnered 500,000 users, whose favorite means of earning currency consists of watching videos, completing surveys, or earning shopping rewards.

MasterCard Opens Payment Platform to Developers – Long time online payments service PayPal is seeing some new competition this week as The New York Times reports MasterCard’s announcement of its plan to open its credit card payments platform to developers of both online and mobile applications.

Apple Gets Antitrust Inquiries, But Sees New Growth – According to The New York Times, Apple is getting antitrust inquiries regarding its supposed strategy for marketing its digital music. Supposedly, the company has used its dominance over the digital music market to dissuade music labels and internet music companies from giving online retailers, such as, any sort of exclusive access to music pending release.

Luckily, not all news for Apple is bad, as the continued success of the company’s iDevices (particularly the iPad) has pushed Apple’s market cap high enough to make it the most valuable technology company in the world, over Microsoft.

Zynga Invades 7-Eleven: Photo Evidence – Monday was the day that Zynga and 7-Eleven made their cross-promotion partnership, but Eric von Coelln took it upon himself to take a few photographs at just how much this entailed. From Slurpee machines, to sandwiches and fruits, the advertisements are everywhere.

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